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General Assessment and Screening 

Tanya Hansen uses Greenspace Mental Health to screen for concerns such as: ADHD; Anxiety; Depression: OCD; Social Anxiety; Alcohol and Drug Use - this service is included at no extra cost for clients of Tanya Hansen Therapy. 

Gottman Couples Assessment - "Therapist recommended"

This is an invaluable tool for couples who are seeking more insight and more rapid change in their relationship concerns.

There is a cost of $39USD for two individual assessments that are combined and analyzed for potential areas of growth. 

Couples receive a copy of the assessment results and the therapist receives a highly detailed report complete with recommendations for specific treatment. On average this reduces time spent on counselling by 10-35% i.e. is you might have needed 12 sessions, you will likely need approximately 10 sessions instead due to the volume of feedback you will receive from the assessments. 

This additional service is available through your therapist, who will send you a link to get started. 

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