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Did you know?

The average couple waits until there have been concerns for 3-5 years and they are on the brink of separation ​before attempting counselling?

It can feel like you have both lost hope in ever having those feelings of love for each other ever again, but somewhere deep inside, you know you want to try to save your marriage or your relationship. It might even be for the sake of your children, or it could be that shred of hope that with some hard work, things COULD be different, and better.... You have decided that it is worth it to try.

Through individual relationship counselling or marriage/relationship therapy, you can develop or renew:

  • Emotional trust and connection and a sense that you and your partner understand each other more fully

  • Renewed emotional and physical intimacy

  • Listening and communication skills where you both feel respected and valued

  • A secure, validating, and committed relationship.

  • Shared sense of future goals for your life and your relationship.

  • Conflict management strategies and techniques that can help you grow closer together and where you both “win”.


Here’s what makes my approach unique from other counselling services:

  • Tanya Hansen Therapy has helped hundreds of individuals and couples improve their relationships since 2011.

  • I am dedicated in my efforts to helping people overcome relationship concerns, and have a high level of training, making me an expert in this field.

  • I am comprehensively trained in proven the Gottman Method of Relationship/Marital counselling as well as other therapeutic approaches that resolve relationship issues quickly and effectively and are backed by science and research.

  • I begin relationship counselling with a full assessment to ensure therapy is tailored to suit your unique needs as a couple so I can help you achieve your specific relationship goals.

  • Marital and relationship counselling is a specialty and a priority in our practice and​ therefore you are getting a specialist rather than a generalist.


My name is Tanya Hansen, and Gottman Trained Relationship/Couples Therapist (level 3) and am pursuing the designation of Certified Gottman Therapist by the end of 2019. I have several years of experience working with couples in a variety of areas of concern, including: the effect of ADD/ADHD on marriage; those in the oil and gas industry and/or those who travel frequently for work; parenting children with disabilities; as well as couples communication; and conflict resolution strategies.


I will complete an assessment with you which will span 3 75-minute sessions. If you are interested in taking advantage of special savings and bonus relationship enrichment materials, please see the pre-paid option on the booking page and select the couples assessment option.

A relationship assessment includes a written and comprehensive assessment tool provided through the Gottman Institute.

For more information on the Gottman approach to relationship counselling, see also

I look forward to working with you to create a better relationship!

Click here to see the details of a GOTTMAN relationship assessment.

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