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Adolescence can be tough on a teenager and those closest to them. We live in a fast paced world with high expectations, stress, and pressures. The internet can provide a wealth of opportunities for teenagers but it can also include many pitfalls, such as online bullying, bad advice, and negativity. Individual counselling for teenagers or family counselling can be a valuable resource in helping your teenager navigate this time of change and challenge

​Being a teenager today can have its challenges and parenting a teenager can also be difficult. There are many reasons for this: teens are exposed to constant media and the distractions and pitfalls that can result from this; exposure to violence and pornography is as easy as the click of a button; bullying now happens online and in person, all this while going through so many physical and emotional changes and challenges. Tanya is here to help parents and/or their teens to better communication and finding a strong sense of self as well as developing support in each other, while going through one of the most difficult stages in life.

Tanya Hansen is here to help and provide hope and to challenge parents and their teens to make positive decisions that will make their lives better and to flourish as individuals and as a family.

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