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Did you know that the average person spends $10,000-$25,000+ per year of education/training and that this does not even include the cost of lost wages and sometimes time away from family and friends? What if you take 2-3 years of a degree or training program and then realize the career is not what you thought it would be and now you need to take an extra year or two to get the degree or training that will help you get the career you want? Career counselling can save you thousands of dollars and potentially years of wasted time by assisting you in looking at options that are more likely to fit your personality, aptitudes, interests, and talents, and get you closer to your ideal career much more quickly. I would recommend career counselling for teenagers and adults, including mid-career changers. The potential of taking the shortest path to the best career through career counselling is a valuable investment in yourself and your future.


Burnout is a product of many different dimensions in our lives
Workplace burnout is a very common reason to access counselling and can even be required and/or strongly recommended by many employers. 

Career and work envelope most of our waking hours. What if we are just embarking on our career, want a change of career, have difficulty obtaining or maintaining a job, or have experienced an accident or disability that are resulting in challenges in returning to work or in finding a job in the first place?

​Tanya Hansen has over 15 years of experience in career counselling and vocational rehabilitation and can assist you in the process of making career changes. She is also trained in workplace conflict resolution and communication in the workplace and can work with you to make important decisions about challenging and ideally, changing toxic workplace cultures, or to make a decision to leave a toxic environment, with a clear plan in place.

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